About the Airborne Initiative


The Airborne Initiative is a charity that funds and supports 5 day residential outward bound courses on Dartmoor, designed to challenge young people and young adults to help them to achieve their potential once they have left the prison system. During the course the candidates will experience map reading and orienteering, caving, river crossing, adventure training, leadership and team building exercises as well as Wild camping. The Airborne Initiative gives participants the opportunity to develop skills in leadership and to work as part of a team, which helps build self-worth as well as giving them a sense of achievement.


In the last 4 years the charity has held 30 courses on Dartmoor for over 300 young offenders. Evidence suggests that those young people who engage on the course are less likely to re-offend. The current re-offending rate for prisoners leaving prison in the first year is 65%, whereas for those who have completed our course it is only 13.7%. 


A further 7 courses per year are planned with up to 22 participants taking part in each course. We work with the Police and the Probation Service, and Airborne Initiative courses are now included as part of offenders’ Community Service.


The cost of each course is approximately £2500 and any help you could give to assist the charity in its continued support of this very worthy cause would be very welcome.

Donations are very welcome. Click Airborne Donation to download a form and Gift Aid form or send a cheque made payable to the Airborne Initiative to:

Buffy Sacher. South Eggardon House, Askerswell, Dorchester, DT29EP

For information and to make a referral please contact:

Keith Potter (Programme Manager) keith.potter@justice.gov.uk

Michelle Glassup (Programme Co-ordinator) michelle.glassup@justice.gov.uk

Susan Stafford (secretary) Susan.stafford@me.com

 For updates on the initiative please follow us on twitter @TheAirborneIni1